Janette Williams: Director of Research BMS (Hons), MRSNZ
Getting true insights from customer research is an art. It is not simply a case of reporting the answers to questions. First of all asking the right questions is crucial. Questions that help one truly understand why they customers behave as they do and then analysing the responses to find the gems of information that can help shape the future direction of a business. Janette is our director of research because she is an expert in delivering customer insights for businesses. She has 20+ years of experience but more importantly many clients who come back over and over again because they value what she does and how she is able to help grow their business. Janette regularly attends international and national conferences to make sure she stays current with the latest trends and thinking.



Justine Daly: Team Support Every office needs someone you can turn to get things done. Justine simply is our go to person, whether organising recruits for research or sorting out presentations. She gets things done and ensures Delve Research and Strategy runs smoothly.


Richard Cullwick: Director of Marketing Strategy A successful marketer who believes understanding your customers is crucial to the success of any marketing plan. Richard’s experience covers many sectors including tourism, advertising, creative industries and renewable energy. Having successfully run several SME businesses Richard understands the need for every dollar invested to show a return. In 2014 PowerSmart won the Bay of Plenty Westpac Business Award of Marketing and Branding. Richard is contracted to PowerSmart as their marketing and brand manager.

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