Cupcakes and Consumer Trends for 2014

We recently arrived unannounced at a few of our clients with a little surprise:

These weren’t just any cupcakes, but special ‘Consumer Trends cupcakes’! People had to work out which Consumer Trend went with which cupcake before they could eat them.

As to the Consumer Trends for 2014, this is how we see them:

  1. Jaded Consumers: In our over-stimulated world where we are bombarded with advertising 24/7, and businesses want to know our details and have us like them, consumers are looking for respite. We want brands and businesses to treat us honestly and with transparency. We don’t want to be taken for granted: we want to feel like brands care.
  2. Privacy vs Personalisation: Data collection comes at a cost and that cost is that people expect personalised service more helpful hints. Just collecting customer data is spying and no one likes being spied on. Organisations need to turn that data into a personalised experience. In a field where we hear more and more about big data, it is important that we use this wisely and ethically to improve brands relationships with their customers.
  3. Responsible Consumption: There is increasing focus on experiences and guilt-free brand stories. It is not just about buying things anymore, it is about doing. Taking the family surfing, visiting the museum or baking cupcakes! Brands that link into this are doing well.
  4. Advertising Must Connect Emotionally: A multi-connected world where people have i-phones, i-pads, laptops, and TVs, not to mention billboards, papers and magazines, means it is hard for people to retain messages. Emotional messaging is more likely to be retained. Brands no longer have the luxury of time to build rational propositions.
  5. People Are Seeking Authentic Connections: Despite the clutter, (in fact because of the clutter), we expect to see forward-thinking brands being involved in more creative collaboration with connected customers. Fewer relationships, but deeper relationships. When people love brands they genuinely want to help that brand grow. Give them reasons and they will become your raving fans.

Thanks to Pratima at Pretty Pink Cakes for making our idea come to life.

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