Design Thinking and Customer Insights

Design thinking highlights the importance of Customer Insight. 
Design thinking is well-established in terms of product design, and is increasingly being valued in a wider innovation context.

For the uninitiated, there are five (or six) key elements to design thinking: Empathize; Define; Ideate; Prototype; Test; Story-telling.

Design Thinking and Delve Research & Strategy.

Of course, as a human-centred process, we’re all for it: any process that starts with understanding the users’ needs and motivations (empathy), and involves users right through the innovation process is all right by us.

It is what we at Delve have advocated for years and really what our process is all about:

  1. Insights: Get inside your customers heads and obtain powerful insights
  2. Strategy: Powerful insights lead to clear strategy
  3. Growth: Clear strategy leads to growth.

By truly understanding what your customer wants you are able to deliver products and services to them that they need.

For a crash course in design thinking go to Stanfords Website, or look up NZTE’s Better by Design who coach NZ businesses to build innovation capability.

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