Ballance 2


Turning a waste product into something profitable is every companies dream.

Working in partnership with Jodi Tong Marketing, Delve Research & Strategy helped Ballance Agri–Nutrients do just that.

We were approached to help Ballance obtain an indepth understanding of a new market category for them. The new product was a by-product of an existing process, they knew other companies were selling it, but they had no idea how to sell it themselves.  They needed to know how to get it into the marketplace, to identify what customers really wanted and how to successfully reach them.

Based on the insights from the research conducted by Delve Research & Strategy, Ballance quickly succeeded in the market. Terry Smith from Ballance commented on returning from the initial sales trip, that he knew all the concerns any potential client had and how to mitigate these concerns. Needless to say deals were signed and our client was happy.

Within a year what used to be a waste product was adding over $200k to the bottom line.


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