Certified Builders 2


The building industry is competitive, not only for all the different building companies but also for the various industry bodies that support the builders themselves.  Delve Research & Strategy has worked with Wave Agency over a number of years to improve the performance of one of the key industry bodies, Certified Builders.

Our work for them has included brand awareness monitoring, allowing them to measure the success of their advertising and messaging to improve their performance.

Most recently, Certified Builders are looking at how they can modernise their brand to carry it forward over the next 10 years. Delve Research & Strategy has been working with Wave Agency to facilitate workshops with homeowners to help identify what are the key elements of brand logos and messaging that instill trust in this category.

There is a substantial amount of investment needed when modernising a brand, so a comprehensive understanding of the category, the consumer and the company is required to ensure nothing is missed, so the new brand continues to work hard now and in the future.


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