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Promotional campaigns require a huge level of investment, it is important to make sure that the right message gets out and is successful, so making sure you know the people you are targeting is crucial.

We worked extensively with Destination Rotorua and their PR agency Village to develop the ‘Famously Rotorua’ campaign. Our objective was to identify the key customer insights and use these to provide direction for the campaign to grow their domestic tourism business.  To do this we needed to understand the key drivers in the domestic travel market, the hooks and barriers for Rotorua as a destination and to understand from local residents, what it is that they truly love about their home town.

Using qualitative and quantitative research techniques with people throughout New Zealand, we got a deep understanding of what would really motivate New Zealanders to make Rotorua their holiday destination.  We used this understanding to help Destination Rotorua optimise the ‘Famously Rotorua’ campaign to tell a relevant, credible and compelling story around Rotorua as an appealing domestic travel destination.

This project has been part of successful ‘Famously Rotorua’ campaign which has delivered more visitors to Rotorua since 2010.

We track the on-going performance of this campaign and other campaigns for Destination Rotorua with our awareness monitor, so they can measure the effectiveness and optimise their promotional spend, and because we are completely independent of their agencies,  they can be completely confident with the results.

Delve Research & Strategy is currently working with Destination Rotorua to determine how they can encourage more people to move to Rotorua and call it home.



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