Classic Flyers 2

Classic Flyers is a not for profit organisation that holds one of the largest collections of collectable aeroplanes in New Zealand.  In addition their successful exhibitions, Classic Flyers provides a truly unique function and conference centre.

As a business Classic Flyers has a number of different business units all responsible for making the place break even. The function and conference centre component of their business, although responsible for a large part of their turnover was the least understood. Our job was to help Classic Flyers better understand their business customers and what they were looking for when it came to meeting rooms and hosting conferences so it could work harder for their bottom line.

Our research culminated with a series of workshops with key staff where we worked through the research findings to map out the key actions required to ensure that the customer feedback was implemented into the business to make it more successful.  Working with Classic Flyers in a workshop environment ensured that all key staff and management knew and understood what customers wanted and knew what it was about Classic Flyers that made people return time and again.

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