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Footsteps is a quality provider of early childcare and education at home.  They are a local Tauranga company that operates nationally. 

Our work with Footsteps, and their media agency, Flame, began in 2008 when Footsteps, (then Linmark) faced a challenge:  They had invested significantly in an advertising campaign but were yet to see the desired results.

They brought us on board to understand what was missing: why was their advertising ineffective? why were they not getting the expected and desired level of enquiries?

In order to do this, we needed to gain an understanding on two fronts: we needed to fully understand consumers’ attitudes towards early education at home, the competitive landscape and then we needed to understand the reaction to the advertising and communication campaign.

We wanted to get up close and personal with the decision-makers, and as best as we could, simulate the coffee table chats going on in their homes, so all our discussions took place in people’s homes with other ‘mums’ they knew – in pairs or mini-groups.

As a result of the customer insights, Footsteps was able to turn their advertising results around. Then CEO…. said

 Delve has added real value to our business in the past, so we asked them to help us gain clarity on some new marketing material that we were looking to take to market.

I’m really pleased we did the research.  I was able to be really involved in the process and get a great understanding of our target market.  We now have clarity on a number of issues and we have refined our marketing in line with Delve’s findings.  I feel a lot more confident that our new campaign, and any future campaigns, will hit the spot with our potential clients.

 Stacey Blumenthal,

Footsteps, learning journeys @ home

We went on to do further work with Footsteps to optimise subsequent advertising campaigns before they went to market.


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